27 June 2017
Prepared by New Kyoto Masjid Committee
Supported by Kyoto Muslim Association (KMA)

As we hoped that the New Kyoto Masjid should be able to serve the muslim community better especially in Kyoto, Japan, we developed a set criteria of this location based on the public survey. By this survey, we are able to have a clear picture about the population profile of muslim community in Kyoto, Japan and what the community expected about the location of new Kyoto Masjid. This survey was conducted within two weeks (June 9th – 23rd, 2017) consisting of 11 questions announced publicly in current Kyoto Muslim Association (KMA) masjid and shared to many community groups which are represented in KMA (Appendix A).

There are 115 responses to this survey. The profile of the community in Kyoto was covered within first two questions of the survey questionnaire. Regarding the residence status of the respondents, 80% of the respondents reported that they are students (Fig.1). For the affiliation, 80% of the respondent are affiliated with Kyoto University (Fig. 1). This figure might represent the population of muslim community in Kyoto, Japan.

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